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Custom Mic Shield is designed to be handheld attaching to any microphone or microphone stands and features a flexible encompass design that provides over-the-mouth and nose, side, and front face protection. Our Custom Mic Shields are worn all over the world in most common workplace environments including but not limited to public speaking, singing, karaoke, offices, classrooms, etc.

BRIDE- Adult

Excluding Sales Tax
Band Color: Black
Silk/Satin flowers
Rhinestone Color

    Custom Mic Shields Ship From the USA: please allow 7- 14 days for shipping.


    Due to Covid-19, all sales are final. We cannot accept any returns. If you have any questions or problems with your shield please email us to resolve the matter.


    Safety full-length face shield with a flexible encompass design that provides over-the mouth and nose, side, and front face protection. The shields have 180 degrees of protection and provide  full coverage of the nose, and mouth to help prevent droplets of saliva, coughs, sneezes, and other  foreign substances from reaching your face. Shields can be used with or without a face mask. For  optimum, quality sound, remove the mask while speaking or singing with the shield. Replace mask  when not using the shield. 


    Adult Dimensions: 8.7" high x 12.6" wide

    Kid Dimensions: 10.25 in wide x 7.5 in length


    Remove shield from packaging. If attaching to microphones, gently remove foam mic and glide mic head (ball end) through center square or use center slit to gently slide mic into center square. If attaching to mic stand use center slit and gently hug (embrace) mic stand with foam base.If using foam mic gently pull foam through center square and use as handle to support mic shield over face. Be sure to hold and position shield so your face, nose & mouth are covered. Disinfect after every use to maintain optimum safety.


    1. Keep in cool dry area

    2. Do not bend or fold

    3. Do not spray base with alcohol (loosens adhesive)

    4. Store in upright position

    5. Use lysol spray to disinfect and kill germs

    6. Transport carefully without tossing or throwing

    7. If mishandled, designs may loosen and fall off


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