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MBRACE LEARNING ACADEMY will continue to help in building music and arts ministries, developing youth leaders, enhancing leadership teams, empowering church leaders, administrative teams and more. In 2020 due to Covid-19 challenges MBrace pivot from In-person Learning to Remote Learning with Virtual Tutoring Support  Services; Virtual Voice Lessons, Virtual Piano Lessons, Virtual Sign Language, Virtual Drum- line and Virtual Dance. We look forward to our future courses of Spanish & Business, transforming lives and building Young Leaders! We can customize learning to meet any child’s needs with educational support through music & arts. 





$35 per child

Limited Time Only

Parents, we do all the leg work for you. We have done the research and all your musical extracurricular activities are in one place. You can relax and enjoy watching your child learn, practice and grow.  Register today and we will connect you to the professional instructors in our data base for your child to get connected for private virtual lessons. We have teamed up with some of the best of the best! Please note additional fees for private lessons will be determined by each instructor. 

MBrace Registration Fee:

 (non- refundable)

 $35 (one child)

$70  (2 children)

$105 (3 children)

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